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Battery Chargers (10A - 60A)

Small Chargers (1-12A)

Waterproof Battery Chargers

Battery Chemistry Module (works with Multi Output Charger)

Alternator to Battery Chargers

Advanced Digital Alternator Regulators

0.0 Voltage Drop Splitter

Battery to Battery Chargers

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Quasi Sine Wave Inverters

Combi Inverter / Charger

Portable Battery Charger

Ignition Fed Relays

Voltage Sensitive Relays

Current Limiting Voltage Sensitive Relays

Latching Relays

Electrical Latching Battery Isolator

Battery Maintainer

Battery Desulphation Device

Galvanic Isolators / Zinc Savers

Power Management Panels

Amp Hour Counter

Split Charge Diodes

Solar Regulators

Tow Charger Kit

Combined MPPT solar regulator + Battery to Battery Charger

Mobility Scooter Charger

230V / 32A Crossover Switch

Power Distribution Box


Alternator Protection Device

Pneumatic Tank Guage

Yacht Corrosion Monitor

Gold Plated Fuses + Holders


Electric Vehicle Charging Station J1772 / IEC

Digital Battery Tester

2 Channel Temperature Monitor with Trip